Our Guarantee

With our rock solid guarantee relax and start planning your reward incentive program.

Is finding the ‘right’ packages and a reputable company to provide them to you is the hard part…

We have a

bul_08Proven Track Record – check out the list of corporate clients who have relied on us time and time again for their travel incentive needs.

bul_08No Strings Attached – All of our packages are straight-forward programs with absolutely no catches or strings attached. Many travel incentive programs subject the travelers to painfully long timeshare “pitch fests”. Our incentive packages are NEVER, EVER subject to a timeshare presentation!

bul_08Return Policy – We are the only vacation incentive company that provides a 100% full 30 day satisfaction money back guarantee on all non customized incentive products.

bul_08Many Options To Choose From – If you’re looking to reward performance, gain customers and skyrocket sales, let us provide the perfect vacation incentive package for you!

bul_08100% fulfillment available (No unpleasant surprises whatsoever.) We provide full customer service and support. (You don’t have to do a thing!
Just sit back and watch your cash flow pile up.)

bul_08Absolutely NO Timeshare Presentations! (No sales pitches, no arm twisting, no hidden agendas.)  All Three and Four Star hotels and resorts. (We’re talking pure luxury here.)

Plus…as always,  all our incentive programs arrive with our Seven Point Money Back Guarantee

3.0We guarantee no gimmicks.  Your people will receive a fabulous vacation incentive program,  gift card, cruise incentive or savings certificates with no surprises, no problems.

  1. The company was founded on a “no timeshare presentation policy” back in 1998. We will never push for you to attend a timeshare presentation!  Don’t you hate those high pressure, never ending, torture fests?   We do too and won’t accept any vacations that include anything that will disrupt  your guest’s fun.
  2. We guarantee no hard-sell tactics… no hidden agendas… no sales pitches ever.
  3. We guarantee top quality accommodations in some of the most coveted hotels and resorts in the world. Comfort and reliability all the way, guaranteed.
  4. We guarantee no hidden charges. Simple easy to follow terms and conditions. Just give us 30 days to arrange their trip and that’s it.
  5. We guarantee no empty promises…no weasel clauses...you’ll receive a written guarantee for each and every travel incentive package you purchase.
  6. 100% No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee!

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