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Here are the incredible results you can expect to achieve using our vacation incentive packages. Here are some precise, in-depth examples from companies who have utilized our vacation incentive packages and achieved tremendous results!

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SYSCO-Just wanted to drop you a line to let you know that you have made a “believer” out of me with the vacation packages. We started slowly with the packages and struggled to see how they fit in with our other compensation and reward programs. As we are finishing a very successful fiscal year, however, I am finding that this particular product does a great job rewarding people who have really stepped up to the table. It is something different and allows the employee to share the reward with his/her family. We have surprised the winners and they are truly impressed with the package.

Budweiser-One of the new and exciting awards in the 1st Quarter program just got better. We’ve upgraded the package to offer better amenities, and more locations from which to choose. That’s why we have added the “Plus” to the name. For starters, the new vacation package includes, as before, four days and three nights of accommodations at the resort of your choice from the over 300 distinguished locations. One valuable improvement is that each vacation package also includes a Caribbean Cruise for two that can be used in conjunction with the four day/three night trip, or used at a different date.

Baird A Northwestern Mutual Company-I would like to personally thank you for making our reservation at The Buttes Wyndham Resort in Tempe, AZ a reality on such short notice. You were right, it is a beautiful resort, and we had a wonderful time during our stay. We ate dinner at their restaurant, “Top of the Rock” and it was excellent. I feel very comfortable about using the certificate program for employee and associate awards.

NAPA Distribution Center -I just want to express my sincere thanks for the great trip packages we have received. I have used these trips as sales incentives for both my employees and my customers. Everyone who has taken the trips has really enjoyed themselves and can’t say enough good things about their trip. I have seen tremendous sales increases by using these trips as incentives, and I have seen great benefits as far as improved customer service. These trips are a great value for the price and I will continue to purchase them for incentives in the coming years.

“Thank you for the opportunity to offer my affiliates such a great incentive. I’ve been offering the vacation incentive packages as an incentive to motivate my affiliates to promote my products. I love about your vacation packages because not only are they competitively priced, but also they have very high-perceived value. They’ve helped my company to generate more sales and my affiliates love receiving them! – Dan Lok Best-Selling Author, “Creativity Sucks”

This is generally a slower time for ice cream sales however the incentive program produced incredible results. Part of the success was due to the materials used to The Southeast chapter of the American Heart Association needed an incentive gift that would boost walk-a-thon pledge collections to over $1,000.00 per participant. Travel Vacation Vouchers was contacted regarding the use of the Cruise of a Lifetime promotion as a fund raising tool.launch the contest. The video and posters got everyone energized and kept the excitement going for 12 straight weeks. The comments coming from our employees after they used your packages have been very encouraging.”- Edy’s Grand Ice Cream

“In that time that we have had the opportunity to do business, we have found that they supply a valuable product that does help in the level of excitement needed to have a promotion be successful. We have used travel incentive packages in sales promotions, charity auctions, spiffs to employees, and various other events with success.”Saturn

“We have been using the Customer Retention Program incentives for over a year. It is a very cost effective way to thank people for their contributions and recommendations to the numerous products we manufacture and distribute. As a leader in the nutrition and health industry, worldwide, we needed a tool to recognize and say thank you to hundreds of members who send in their good ideas from time to time. Many of our folks have now used the free airplane tickets for a vacation and have had a wonderful The Courtesy Group wanted a cost effective incentive program they could brand throughout their regional dealership groups to drive (UPS) store traffic to their individual dealerships. Travel Vacation Vouchers recommended their Nationally recognized "Getaway for Two" Incentive that offered Two Free Airline Tickets to anyone of 35 Resort locations throughout the United States, Hawaii, Mexico, and the Caribbean.experience. Some of our independent distributors have asked is they could use the certificates to recruit new members. Thank you.”- Richard Levy — REXALL, Salt Lake City, Utah

“6,200 Sales In Two Weeks!” “In 2 weeks we received more than 7,000 phone calls to the dedicated phone numbers we had setup, and we made more than 6,200 sales! We’ll see how many actually connect/install, but this is the kind of activity/volume we usually see over a 2-month campaign – not a 2 week campaign! Thank you very much for all your help! I’ve been sending our results and info to other markets so hopefully your helpfulness will pay dividends! We have been very happy with the results, and we are hoping the fulfillment goes equally as well. Thanks.”- Comcast Portland

“The Best Appointment Setting Premium” “Many thanks for the best appointment setting premium we have ever tried. We used to spend thousands monthly for kitchen knives as our premium to get our reps in the homes. We now spend less than $100 a month and set 3 times as many leads. Our sales reps thank you also.” Robert Alderio – Kirby of West Valley.

I started using them in 1994 and in my business; I have to call the same customers every year to sell the new Shopping Spree Books. I can honestly say that my phone people are so happy to hear about the great accommodations they received on your certificates. This alone sells thousands of books every year for us and the effect it has on the moral of my crew is priceless.” Dave Vollmer Shopping Spree Merchant Books – Oregon – Washington – California

“Just a short note to tell you that the marketing suggestion you gave us to use the Customer Retention Programs idea to increase traffic into our stores is working. As you know, we operate large wholesale warehouse stores throughout the Midwest and want to be another Costco. The real objective is to enroll new members who prefer to shop at our stores. We use the incentive packages as a gift each time a member refers a new member. Your staff has been very helpful, and I get next day service whenever I order additional certificates.” Dan DeSantis — United Stores, Chicago, IL

“WOW my business has really picked up offering your vacation certificates. I’ll be using them from now on.” – David Alexander – Alexanderland International Enterprises, Los Angeles, CA

“We operate an outbound center with 300 work stations. The Customer Retention Program gives my operators a tool to help close the sale. We have found your staff to be very professional and always willing to help. In particular, we’d like to thank the ladies in your travel department for helping our customers plan their vacations to Hawaii. Last month we used the Customer Retention Program certificates for a new real estate client that asked us to book appointments in a new development of million dollar homes. It worked great. Good luck. Best Regards.” – Gary Farber — President MOTIVATIONAL MARKETING, Maywood, NJ

“The vacation and benefits package offer has created the excitement that was missing from our program, which, so far translates into a 34% increase in sales.” – Bob Furino — New York, NY

“I own my own internet marketing business, and I’d like to say that your vacation incentive packages have really boosted my income by almost 50%. I have discovered many different ways to use them, as a thank you for visiting my site, as incentives to my affiliate members, and in my e-book campaigns. Thanks to your company for providing for me to say thank you in such a big way, for so little investment.  My affiliate programs have really skyrocketed!”- Maria Vowell.

“Your idea has worked. Thank you. We now offer the Customer Retention Program for new patients that come in for an examination or Laser Vision Correction. The offer of two free airplane tickets to be used for an upcoming vacation is a great idea. Best of Luck.” – Dr. Mark S. Feldman — Ophthalmologist, Sunrise, FL

“Great Value. NO CATCHES!” “Thank you for this great opportunity to offer my clients such a great value. I have given 1000’s of these business incentive certificates away and my customers and clients just love them. What a value and they get to go to so many different places for free. And there are NO CATCHES! I have seen and used many other programs like this and they had catches. Thank you!”- Adam Miller — USA Auctions

“Turned A Struggling Business Into A Thriving One!” “These business incentive vacations have changed my life! They turned a struggling business into a thriving one! Fabulous, honest people to deal with! You can’t go wrong using these vacations!” – Dennis Salzman

“I must say that the vacation certificates have been the best and most efficient way of increasing business and visits to my site. It has produced wonderful results instantly. A lot of times other promotional offers take some time to work, but as soon as I placed this offer on my site my business increased immediately and it caused my visitors to tell other people about it and so on. The certificates cause more referrals that keep building. The fact that they are free is just an instant selling point to any customers you are targeting.” – Eddy M Theodore — CEO/OWNER

“These vacation certificates are the best, low cost and effective premiums I have come across in years. I have had wonderful responses from businesses, who use them to promote their products and services, as well as customers who love using them.” – Marc J. Spagnuolo — President, MJS & Associates Direct Marketing Service.

I am writing to thank you for introducing Liberty Mortgage Group to the Customer Retention Program. We have been using the premiums for quite some time and are very pleased with the results. We have seen an increase in return business and great response from our clients. We will definitely continue to use the Customer Retention Programs in future endeavors. If you need anything please feel free to contact us.” – Laurence Heisler — President, Liberty Mortgage Group, Inc.

“DATACCOUNT is a regional data processing company specializing in payroll processing. ADP is the largest company in the country. We are the second largest in the state of California . We have over 10,000 accounts. We use the Customer Retention Program to help our sales people make appointments. All we ask is that a prospect give us 30 minutes and we gladly give them 2 free airplane tickets. It really works. We now go on more appointments every week and we take more accounts away from ADP than ever before. We love the program. Thanks for your help.” – Bob Purciful — Vice President, DATACCOUNT, Los Angeles, CA

“Our originators have been using the incentive program for several months now. They have used these premiums primarily at the closing table as a way of saying thank you to our borrowers. This has turned out to be a great investment as our associates find it much easier in obtaining referrals from these individuals. We have even given these premiums out to a few select realtors to offer their buyers as a housewarming gift upon the purchase of a new home. As you can guess, the referrals we are receiving from this realtor group have increased significantly. Needless to say, we will be reordering in the very near future to replenish our inventory. Thanks again for introducing us to this program, it is far superior to any I have used in the past!” – Donald J. Apelian — President, Union Capital Lending Corp.

“As a professional speaker I am constantly looking for new ideas to attract the attention of people who may want to attend one of my seminars.  Thanks to you I have found the best promotion – Getaway for Two to be used for a vacation. The Getaway for Two promotion has increased the productivity of my two telemarketing sales people. Best Regards.” – Sidney F. Weigner — CMC Professional Speaker, Miami, Florida.

These vacation giveaways have increased my business 40% so far and climbing. A must have for your business growth!” – Joseph Mestres — TNTCO INTL

With a lineup of satisfied clients like those listed above, we’re confident we can meet your vacation incentive needs. Click here now to view our exclusive travel incentive packages!

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