Small Business Incentives

Small Business Incentives: How did a tanning salon generate more sales and retain customers?

Bella Bronze Tanning Studio Case Study

Program: Customer Retention Programs
Client: Bella Bronze Tanning Studio
Venues: Westfield, New Jersey
Theme: “Tan Before You Go”
Directive: Local Market Awareness Campaign

Tan Before You Go Overview:Bella Bronze is an exclusive tanning salon in New Jersey. Its location is centralized between several colleges and townships. The management at Bella Bronze wanted to capitalize on a Spring Break promotion to acquire more college-age members. Travel Vacation Vouchers recommended a “Tan Before You Go” campaign that provided a themed goal approach for Spring Break Vacation.

By offering a Spring Break Theme to their “Customer Retention Program” incentive package, Bella Bronze was able to get immediate results in new members, while developing their client’s expectations over an extended period of time until Spring Break vacation that allowed Bella Bronze to garner repeated business for the month-long Campaign.

Bella Bronze printed a risqué Poster intended to catch attention and drive a compelling reaction to its target college age demographic. Travel Vacation Vouchers provided Bella Bronze with design and copy consultation to deliver the unique interest of both sexes while promoting the “Customer Retention Programs ” Travel Offer.

Bella Bronze was inundated with new member requests, and they have purchased more Certificates to incorporate into their Anniversary campaign. The Tanning Industry is experiencing record growth, and Travel Vacation Vouchers Travel certificates are making sure Bella Bronze gets more than its share.

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