Customer Loyalty Program

Customers not giving you any referrals, want to reward your customers, generate more leads or boost sales?

Of course you do and we have the ideal incentive programs…

Why not reward those who give you referrals with a Fly Away For Two vacation incentive package.

Each vacation package includes accommodations and airfare for two adults.

  • Provides round-trip airfare for two adults from major *international airports* in the United States and 3 day and 2 nights Hotel Accommodation.|60250a8442ec550723ba4482ddb66ac8|
  • Destinations include: Orlando, Miami, Baltimore, Washington DC, Cocoa Beach, Daytona Beach, Las Vegas, Los Angeles and Ft. Lauderdale. Also available to Cancun, Mexico and Puerto Vallarta, Mexico but surcharges will apply.
  • Roundtrip airfare for you and a companion from selected major international airports in the United States to one destination which may include Orlando, Miami, Los Angeles, Las Vegas,  Baltimore or Washington, D.C.
  • |c50dde0ff938ad2ef134ad45e3f5f08c| Atlanta, Boston, Charlotte, Chicago, Cincinnati, Dallas, Denver, Detroit, Houston, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, Minneapolis, New York City, Orlando, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Portland OR, St. Louis, Salt Lake City, San Francisco, Seattle and Washington DC. Departures from Canada and other airports not listed are also available with possible surcharges. End user can use only one certificate per household per year.


  1. We guarantee no gimmicks. Your people will receive a fabulous vacation incentive program, gift card, cruise incentive or savings certificates with no surprises, no problems.
  2. The company was founded on a “no timeshare presentation policy” back in 1998. We will never push for you to attend a timeshare presentation! Don’t you hate those high pressure, never ending, torture fests? We do too and won’t accept any vacations that include anything that will disrupt your guest’s fun.
  3. |413bd1fdbd4e04365e3749fe5a08a559|… no hidden agendas… no sales pitches ever.
  4. We guarantee top quality accommodations in some of the most coveted hotels and resorts in the world. Comfort and reliability all the way, guaranteed.
  5. We guarantee no hidden charges|f2b97014bcdd8d5aed1a892f5f54c262| Simple easy to follow terms and conditions. Just give us 60 days to arrange their trip and that’s it.
  6. We guarantee |e1e95a3af25b06ac858b0b7677e92c80|’ll receive a written guarantee for each and every travel incentive package you purchase.
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|10f72d408669ccb663c024e60e428086||b49098b6f47da96766434f593a0d610b||87b6f62c6cf98b26601cd9b3f06c63e5|-The first step in the program is to fully complete the Registration Validation Form and mail it to the address provided on the form along with a processing fee check for $4.95 within 30 days of the issue date indicated.

|be83afc9f5af95f23e282fa8342c5d9a|- Upon receipt of $4.95 and your selection of one of the above vacations, you will be mailed a package that includes important information, instructions, and an activation form for the selected vacation. Please fully complete the information on the Registration Activation form and send along with a check for $100.00.

|b2934143c0124904814a8b195f0c3227|- Upon receipt of activation form and appropriate amount, you will be sent information on how you may make your reservations. A minimum of 90 days is required to process your request and all travel must be completed within 12 months of the registration date. A $99.00 per person processing fee and all taxes and fees will be collected at the time of reservations. Surcharges may also apply. Cancellations, once reservations are confirmed and taxes and fees are paid, vary with each vacation.


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