Do your vacation incentives include timeshare presentations? Never! Absolutely none of our vacation incentive packages include any high pressure timeshare “pitch fests.” We proudly stand behind this promise. Many other companies sell vacation packages which include timeshare presentations, but they will deceitfully not state it in their terms and conditions.

What is the legal age requirement for end users? Age 21.

Who pays room tax? The end user is responsible for room tax.  It is federal law.

What is the “issue date”? The issue date is the date that the purchaser gives these vacation incentive packages to end user.

What is the activation date? Activation date is 60 days (depending on package) from the date the end user receives their package.  The end user has 60 days to submit their paperwork and decide where they want to go on their vacation.  After this time frame they are invalid.

How long does the end user have to complete their travel? End user has 12 months to complete travel from activation date.

What is included in each package?

  • Vacation Incentives Activation fee of $12 and room tax of $9 to $12 per night.
  • Employee Motivation Program – No activation fee and no deposits required. Hotel and or resort accommodations for 3 days and 2 nights.Multi use or one time vacation getaway.
  • $1000 Grocery Savings Certificates An affordable incentive to motivate and reward.  End user can receive gift card for savings and discounts.
  • $1000 Restaurant Savings Certificates Give your top sales people the gift of food.  Good for fund raising, reward and motivation programs and solid lead generator.  End user can receive gift card to access over $1000 savings in restaurants.
  • How long has the company been in business? We have been in business since 1998.

Why are you not a member of the Better Business Bureau? The Better Business Bureau offers a paid membership (A cost of $465 per year) to businesses that wish to take part.  However, what consumers may not realize is that the BBB regulates your compliance procedures, your refund policy and the way that a company runs their business.

Even worse, if you do not comply exactly how they want or to their specifications they will give you an unsatisfactory report.  The Better Business Bureau will not list information about a business if they are not a member.

What does this mean?  When a customer calls up to gather information, the Better Business Bureau will state “we have no information of that company” in a negative derogatory manner.  Being in business since 1998 and selling to large and small companies we have built a reputation for being a business that operated with integrity and 100% customer satisfaction in mind.

If customers have issues we have customer service via email and telephone always available during business hours and we resolve any issues internally. If your not convinced, please see the list of clients we have done business with along with some of their testimonials.

So what are you waiting for?

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