Advertise your campaign and create some buzz.

Step 4: Advertise your campaign

Be sure to hang up the posters that we provide to advertise and promote your sale. Write in the dates of your sale at the top of your posters.

Once your fundraisier is planned you need to create some excitement.  Send parent letter to all children that may be helping with your fundraiser.  A copy of each is available in PDF form on our website and can be downloaded and printed.

People need to know about your fundraising program to support it and your group members need to get excited about the fundraising program to want to participate. 

Promote your fundraising program during morning announcements, school events, school newspapers. You can also send a letter to your local newspaper and radio stations to help advertise your fundraiser. Advertising is the best way to accomplish both.

Get your group members involved in making colorful posters, banners and flyers. Most local businesses will gladly let you hang a flyer or poster in their store window and community buildings like libraries and recreation center often have bulletin boards for the public to post information.

Plan your fundraiser and work your plan.

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