Fundraising Programs: Organization is critical.

Step 2: Organize a team of volunteers and staff.

Your fundraising staff consists of participants, parents, volunteers, your local Parent Teacher Association (PTA)  and anyone else who will be helping with your campaign. Participants need to know well in advance that the fundraiser coming and what to expect of them. Their parents will need to be kept up to date as well. Be sure to send letters home with contact information if there are any questions.

Volunteers and PTA’s are your support staff, so use them well. Divide up the responsibilities (responsibilities will depend on the type of campaign you’re running, so speak with your consultants for this step. Be sure to delegate to the people you feel are best suited for each role. If everyone knows his or her role beforehand, your fundraising programs will go smoothly! Select volunteers and have them write a list of family and friends. Have them create a contact list of family members, business contacts, friends and neighbors.


Fundraising Tip