Fundraising Safety: Top 10 tips to keep your volunteers safe

Step 7:  Ordering:  The day your fundraiser program ends, add up all of the groups order forms and contact us to place your vacation certificate order. The Campaign Manager calculates  the forms prior to turning them in. Arrange your forms alphabetically once finished. Triple check all monies and orders before calling in or sending your order to us.

Trust us, this will save you a big headache if your orders are correct. Always keep copies of the order forms before you send them to Travel Vacation Vouchers.

Delivery Date:  The delivery date should be scheduled when you first setup your fundraiser with us.  Delivery is made 2 weeks from the completion of fundraiser program.  Travel Vacation Vouchers mails out all travel certificates ordered with a thank you letter to each buyer two weeks after end of each fundraiser.

Double check products ordered against your order forms. A personal thank you letter by the volunteers  can’t hurt. Enjoy the fruits of your labor and start thinking of ways to improve your next fundraiser.

Have fun.

Fundraising Safety:

  • Child safety in fundraising is our main priority. That’s why we discourage any student from selling door to door or selling to strangers.
  • Fundraising safety do’s and don’ts
  • Be safe and be smart–use your common sense.
  • Make a list of friends, family, relatives and neighbors to contact to avoid door to door sales.
  • Parents must be involved with each fundraising activity.
  • Follow all the instructions provided.
  • Make sure Mom and Dad have approved who you intend to ask to support your group.
  • Ask your parents to take an order form to work.
  • Always walk on the sidewalk, not the grass.
  • Never go inside anyone’s house, while in a neighborhood.
  • Use the telephone to call friends and family to ask them to help your group by making a purchase.

By following these simple fundraising tips, you’ll be on your way to fundraising success.  Of course, each group is different, which is why we have fundraising consultants to provide you with tips and tricks specially suited to your unique fundraising needs. Call 1-888-617-4595 today for your free consultation and get many more great fundraising tips for you and your group.

Keep your volunteers motivated with prizes and giveaways.


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