Hold a kick off rally

Step 5:  Hold a “kick off” rally.

The kick off rally educates the volunteers on fundraising programs and builds enthusiasm to reach fundraising goals. Communicate clearly before, during and after the program is put in place.  A good attitude equals better success. Give each seller a copy of order forms, sample travel destinations and receipt forms.

Encourage participation to sell family, friend and parents coworkers, never do door to door sales.

If at all possible, it is very important to get the parents of the group members involved in your fund raiser (depending on their age). You should do the Kick Off when the parents are available to be there. If that is not possible, make sure they at least get a Parent Letter explaining what is going on, so they will encourage their child to put forth the required effort to make your Fundraiser program the best it can be.

Stress to your sellers the date order forms and money collected are due. Remind sellers to fill out the order forms neatly and have all checks made payable to your organization not Travel Vacation Vouchers.

Sellers Order Forms

We intentionally try to keep order form simple and basic so they are easy to fill out. To eliminate mistakes, make sure your sellers order forms are neat and readable.  Please send us the original copies of your individual seller order forms so we can mail out travel certificates to the correct  buyers.  If the order forms are more than one page  per volunteer, staple all pages of that seller orders together.

Keep your group’s profit you calculated on your Master Order Form and send the total due to Travel Vacation Vouchers in the form of a money order, cashiers check or organization check.

Advertise your campaign and create some buzz.


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