Keep your volunteers motivated with prizes and giveaways.

Step 6:  Monitor progress and provide encouragement and incentives to keep volunteers motivated.

Six Ways To Motivate Your Fundraising Group.  A little motivation can go a long way. Motivate your group with prizes, prizes and more prizes without it costing a lot!

Rewards with no cash value are proven motivators and provide great entertainment. A few examples include:

  • Pie Throwing: allow the participants to throw cream pies at the organizers’ faces if the goal is reached! (you might not like this one but it usually gets the money raised)
  • Activity of Choice: let your group  have an activity of their choice that replaces their normal schedule (for example: a free afternoon of sports activities in the school yard instead of class)
  • Raffles And Prize Draws:  For each small goal attained (ex. for every 10 units sold or $100 in sales reached) the participant gets their name put in the raffle for various merchandise. The more they sell, the more times they can have their name put in the raffle and the more chances they have to win.
  • Weekly Prizes: Enter top sellers into raffle to win a prize or have top sellers spin the wheel for prizes.
  • Grand Prize For Your Top Seller:  Reward your top seller with a Grand Prize. It may be a portion of their vacations paid for.
  • Rewards For Top Class or Team:  With the amount of money that can be raised using vacation certificates…take a small portion of the profits to reward your Top Sellers or Top Group Sellers.

This is a great way to motivate team work in your group. If you’re a small group, you can create teams by putting your members in groups of twos, threes or fours. If you’re a school you can do it by class and if you’re a league simply do it by team. You can offer the best selling group a free pizza party, a field trip outing to the place of their choice… ask them what they’d like. Try an ice cream social, everybody likes ice cream!

Contact local merchants and ask them to donate items that may be used as prizes.  You may have someone in your group who owns a store, knows someone who owns a store or related to someone who owns a store. It is best to ask for specific item or items (ex. we could sure use a TV, VCR or remote control car.  Local merchants will be happy to contribute. Talk to your Fundraising Consultant about ways to generate prizes.


Hold a kick off rally


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