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“Get More Customers With Red Hot Incentive Programs That Will Increase Your Sales And Boost Your Bottom Line Period”

Dear Savvy Business Person,

There’s a red hot secret that’s little known to average company but it can propel your business to the next level. It’s something companies have quietly been using to attract clients like crazy, build iron-clad customer loyalty, motivate employees and generate leads that keep them coming back for more. Like super secret marketing ninjas in the night, these smart companies are enjoying something you could be too…

The secret to increased sales no matter what the doom and gloom experts predict is incentive program marketing. Because the amazing thing is …a recent survey by the Center for Concept Development revealed that two out of three companies don’t have a clue about this powerful marketing secret!

You’ve undoubtedly been in business long enough to realize the competition is fierce and with today’s technology, everything from soup to nuts is instantly available on the Internet. Sometimes you’d swear you can feel the hot breath of your competitors steaming up the back of your neck. It can be a real headache for you to keep a firm grip on employee motivation, customer retention and lead generation.

What you need is…

A Brawny Marketing Power Tool That Guarantees You’ll Attract Customers and Clients Like a Magnet.

Imagine a marketing tool relentlessly working like a high velocity cash sucking vacuum time after time that drives more business your way and leaves your competition in the dust?

Something so irresistible it relentlessly hammers your competition into submission…rendering them invisible to your clients. Consider what that would do for the long term growth of your business. The good news is, there’s a red hot ticket that does all of this and more.

It’s so incredibly simple and affordable you’ll be torn between feeling smug …and …feeling amazed at your good fortune. You’re accountant will do a double take when they see your bottom line rapidly increasing…while barely making a dent in your expenses. And here’s what that winning combination means for your business…

  • It means growing your business into a legacy you can be proud of and continually attract your perfect clients, eager to give you their money again and again
  • It means making serious money today and even more money tomorrow.
  • It means creating a marketing strategy that reliably produces ever-growing income.

Today you can effortlessly stop the flow of customers hemorrhaging from your business…and motivate your employees to top performance…by offering shockingly affordable, over the top incentive programs they’ll not only love, but will cherish for a lifetime.

Surveys of consumers show that 60% or more admitted when attracted by enticing incentive programs, they increase their spending by as much as 31.29%.

You’ll do it by tapping into the hottest ticket in town …TRAVEL. It’s true! According to the U.S. Department of  Transportation… Practically Everybody Loves to Travel!  For example, in the next year alone, Americans will travel an incredible 490 BILLION domestic air miles…and spew forth money by forking $584 BILLION more on travel related items.

That means when you offer your customers, clients or employees a hot ticket to their dream vacation; you’ll create a lasting bond of perceived value tied directly to YOU and your business.

That’s money you’ll be scooping up off the table when you implement our incentive programs into your marketing plan for mere pennies on the dollar. Frankly, you may be shocked when you see what a few dollars will buy you.

The applications and rewards of our incentive programs are only limited by your imagination and creativity!  Another reason incentive programs are so hot is because…Travel incentive programs outperform any other type of business incentives by 10 to 1. (Want to cement customer retention and employee loyalty? Give them the vacation of their dreams.)

Using travel incentives gives you an immediately lucrative competitive edge. (Word of mouth will spread fast. Now you’ll experience the power of viral marketing.) You can use these travel incentive programs for anything and everything to attract clients to your business!

Here’s a sampling of how our  incentive programs are making money hand over fist for smart business owners just like you. The applications and rewards of our incentive programs are only limited by your imagination and creativity!

  • Car Dealerships: Maybe you’re a car dealer wanting to make a statement and stand out above and beyond the competition – our value-packed travel incentive programs are the perfect way to boost sales and generate word-of-mouth referrals!To close more sales, motivate sales people and improve bottom line.
  • Insurance Companies: incentives to write more policies or get you inside the home for face to face policy reviews
  • Real Estate Agents Are you a real estate agent? How about offering your clients a travel incentive program after they’ve purchased a home from you think about what that will do for your word-of-mouth referrals!  Use as a closing tool to home sales and lead generation for open houses.
  • Telemarketing and MLM Companies to sell more products or hook more prospects.
  • Not For Profit Companies to encourage more charitable contributions.  Or are you a fundraiser? Then you’ve got it made! – Infuse your solicitations with the power of vacation incentive packages and watch your donations shoot through the roof.
  • Small Business Owners to increase customer retention, build sales, reward employees or generate leads.  The uses are endless.

Right now you might be wondering…

How The Heck Do We Do It?

I don’t blame you! It almost seems too good to be true, and that’s exactly why these incentive programs have been a “close to the vest” secret for so long. The surprising fact is these travel incentive programs have been flying under the radar for over 25 years.

Here’s how we do it… we are travel brokers.We buy hotel and resorts unused inventory. Hotels and resorts never operate at full capacity. They have vacant rooms and unbooked vacation properties.  We buy the unbooked vacation inventory and pass the savings directly onto you.  Hotels and resorts win by filling unused inventory, you win by using vacation incentive packages to generate leads, motivate your employees and retain more customers and your customers and employees win by receiving a vacation incentive package. Everyone wins.

We only allow a very limited number of hotels and resorts into our program.  This exclusivity gives us power to negotiate the best deal for you. We squeeze the best rates out of each hotel or resort like our lives depended on it, because it you’re not happy…we may as well throw in the towel. Our reputation and financial future rests on providing you a quality product. We simply cannot compromise on this.

In addition, all of our vacation incentive packages come straight through the pipeline from us to you, directly, so you bypass the horrendous retail markup completely. Matter of fact, you’ll probably want to keep this inside track to this astounding opportunity a secret too…at least from your competitors!  It’s  simply a no-brainer. Small out of pocket investment for you plus huge profits from a flood of new customers equals long term robust financial health for your business.

You can literally change the course of your business, practically overnight. You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain by implementing your very own incentive program as a powerful money magnet for your business. That’s because these incentive programs  are hands-down the hottest way to light the fuse for your employees, customers and create a virtual stampede of clients to your door.

NAPA Distribution Center -I just want to express my sincere thanks for the great trip packages we have received. I have used these trips as sales incentives for both my employees and my customers. Everyone who has taken the trips has really enjoyed themselves and can’t say enough good things about their trip. I have seen tremendous sales increases by using these trips as incentives, and I have seen great benefits as far as improved customer service. These trips are a great value for the price and I will continue to purchase them for incentives in the coming years.
Budweiser-One of the new and exciting awards in the 1st Quarter program just got better. We’ve upgraded the package to offer better amenities, and more locations from which to choose. That’s why we have added the “Plus” to the name. For starters, the new vacation package includes, as before, four days and three nights of accommodations at the resort of your choice from the over 300 distinguished locations. One valuable improvement is that each vacation package also includes a Caribbean Cruise for two that can be used in conjunction with the four day/three night trip, or used at a different date.
Just wanted to drop you a line to let you know that you have made a “believer” out of me with the vacation packages. We started slowly with the packages and struggled to see how they fit in with our other compensation and reward programs. As we are finishing a very successful fiscal year, however, I am finding that this particular product does a great job rewarding people who have really stepped up to the table. It is something different and allows the employee to share the reward with his/her family. We have surprised the winners and they are truly impressed with the package.

Find out how vacation incentive packages can increase your bottom line now!

Travel incentive programs are the only affordable, value packed incentive where a few dollars translates into a multi-thousand dollar experience of a lifetime. There’s never been an easier, more affordable marketing strategy for your business. Don’t wait until you see your competition rocket past you. Take action today, and unleash the full advantages of our incentive packages for your cash flow.

It’s been said “fortune favors the bold”. Step out and boldly and embrace massive profits for your business.

Be one of the smart top 1/3 of all business owners who are leveraging incentive programs for massive returns on investment. Remember, our incentives are much more than a temporary promotion for your business. They are the key that unlocks the door to the long term value of your best customers. You simply can’t afford to leave your financial future to chance.

Here’s how to get started right now:

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That’s all there is to it! Take a moment and do it now while it’s fresh on your mind. You don’t want this opportunity to slip away. Get moving right now, and you’ll be on the superhighway to massive profits for your business.

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