Customer Retention Program

Customer Loyalty Is The Elusive “Midas Touch” For Your Business.

Everybody desperately wants it, but few ever find it. Especially with the Internet in the mix, your customers have a mind boggling array of choices …whether they’re looking for a new lampshade or buying a $40,000 SUV.

Your client base can be your personal gold mine, if you understand the rules of the road. Customer attraction, retention and loyalty begin with your quality product, and a positive buying experience. But frankly, that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Because if you don’t stand out from the crowd by freely giving your customers ever growing value, you’re toast.

You see, the real firepower of customer loyalty is seen through the lens of lifetime value. It can literally be worth tens of thousands of dollars to your business. According to a report in the book “” Cadillac calculated the lifetime value of their loyal customers at an impressive $332,000!

Chances are, If you’re still reading this right now, you understand there’s gold in building long term customer relationships. Good thinking.

But how?

According to Frederick Reichheld in his best seller “The Loyalty Effect”, a 5% increase in customer retention can increase your lifetime profitability by a whopping 75%.

Does this sound familiar?

A competitor appears out of nowhere. They smother the media with a flurry of ads followed by a stampede of business. Fortunately for you, those glossy ads costs them a bundle out of their bottom line profits.

But more important. ..glitz and gloss don’t necessarily yield the “joined at the hip” client loyalty that spells long term financial success. Bad news for shortsighted business person …good news for you when you outsmart them-at a fraction of the cost. That’s profitable math anyone can understand.

Fact is, there’s simply no comparison between “flash in the pan advertising” and offering your clients a golden opportunity on a silver platter. I’m about to share a powerful strategy to continually build your rock solid business. An enterprise teeming with raving fans for clients, and die hard loyalists for employees.

You’ll unleash a river of additional profits when you realize how easily you will Magically Multiply The Lifetime Value of Your  Customers.

Instead of hit-and-run marketing (that can easily run you tens of thousands of dollars) you’ll build a business like a master architect on steroids. And rarely is there such a flexible “one size fits all” marketing strategy that works like magic for both your clients AND your employees.

Customer retention programs are the hottest premiums in the country. In fact, as fuel prices rocket upwards, these customer retention programs are selling like hot cakes because savvy business owners recognize their profitable power.

You can use these customer retention programs for anything and everything to attract clients to your business!

Here’s a sampling of how our customer retention programs are making money hand over fist for smart business owners just like you.

“Just a short note to tell you that the marketing suggestion you gave us to use the Customer Retention Programs idea to increase traffic into our stores is working. As you know, we operate large wholesale warehouse stores throughout the Midwest and want to be another Costco. The real objective is to enroll new members who prefer to shop at our stores. We use the incentive packages as a gift each time a member refers a new member. Your staff has been very helpful, and I get next day service whenever I order additional vacation incentive certificates.”- Dan DeSantis — United Stores, Chicago, IL
“DATACCOUNT is a regional data processing company specializing in payroll processing. ADP is the largest company in the country. We are the second largest in the state of California. We have over 10,000 accounts. We use the Customer Retention Program to help our sales people make appointments. All we ask is that a prospect give us 30 minutes and we gladly give them 2 free airplane tickets. It really works. We now go on more appointments every week and we take more accounts away from ADP than ever before. We love the program. Thanks for your help.” – Bob Purciful — Vice President, DATACCOUNT, Los Angeles, CA

Send your customers around the world and back to your business through the power of Cruise and Hotel Vacation Incentives.

You may know vacation incentives and rewards are the golden secret for growing your business and retaining more customer.  But did you know that you can now increase profits by offering attractive CRUISE AND HOTEL VACATION INCENTIVES. How happy will your customers and employees be when you give them a cruise on Carnival or Norweigan cruise lines?Bargain deals on cruise and hotel vacation incentives will keep your current customers engaged and drive new ones to your business. These incentives are also a great way to motivate and reward your employees.

Boost Sales • Inspire Customer Loyalty • Grow Revenue

“Your idea has worked. Thank you. We now offer the Customer Retention Program for new patients that come in for an examination or Laser Vision Correction. The offer of two free airplane tickets to be used for an upcoming vacation is a great idea. Best of Luck.” – Dr. Mark S. Feldman – Ophthalmologist, Sunrise, FL
I am writing to thank you for introducing Liberty Mortgage Group to the Customer Retention Program. We have been using the premiums for quite some time and are very pleased with the results. We have seen an increase in return business and great response from our clients. We will definitely continue to use the Customer Retention Programs in future endeavors. If you need anything please feel free to contact us.” – Laurence Heisler — President, Liberty Mortgage Group, Inc.

Your customers will enjoy a cruise and hotel stay with this travel incentive package.

Great restaurant called the Chin Chin found on Norweigan. How about a quick dip in the pool?

But there’s more!  Your travel incentive program includes:3 Night or 4 Night Cruise for Two Adults. Your customers will receive all their delicious meals and exciting shipboard entertainment are included during their cruise. They’ll be cruising on Carnival Cruise Line, Royal Caribbean or Norwegian Cruise Line to fabulous ports and destinations such as:

  • Miami to the Bahamas
  • Los Angeles to Mexico
  • Port Canaveral to the Bahamas
Can you feel the warm summer breeze? Anyone for a cool tropical drink?

4  Night Cruise Ports and Destinations include:

  • Port Canaveral to Freeport and Nassau
  • Miami to Key West & Cozumel
  • Los Angeles to Catalinna & Ensenada
  • Galveston to Cozumel
  • Tampa to Cozumel
  • Mobile to Cozumel

Your customers also receive a 3 day 2 night vacation getaway – They choose from such locations as:  Orlando, Miami, Las Vegas, Branson, Williamsburg, and more.

With a customer retention program that is Cruise & Hotel Certificate you can:

  • Create awareness and interest in your brand and business.
  • Attract new customers, reengage current ones, and best of all, track your results.
  • Take your business from good to great with this amazing incentive package.
  • This is delivered in its own self-contained marketing brochure.
  • Use a Cruise and Hotel Incentive program to motivate and delight your employees with an exclusive rewards program.

What could be more attractive to you AND your customers than offering travel incentives to some of the most attractive cruise and hotel destinations around the world?

What could be easier than our proven incentive marketing package that includes each incentive voucher offered in its own high-impact marketing brochure?

Sign up now for your Cruise and Hotel Travel Incentive program and get ready to attract and amaze your customers.  Only $44.95 each to start your Cruise and Hotel Travel Incentive program. Order now.  Ready to Get Started?

Only $44.95 each to start your Cruise and Hotel Travel Incentive program.

“I own my own internet marketing business, and I’d like to say that your vacation incentive packages have really boosted my income by almost 50%. I have discovered many different ways to use them, as a thank you for visiting my site, as incentives to my affiliate members, and in my e-book campaigns. Thanks to your company for providing for me to say thank you in such a big way, for so little investment.  My affiliate programs have really skyrocketed!”- Maria Vowell

Ready to Grow Your Business by Offering Your Customers the Travel Incentive and Experience of a Lifetime?

Here’s how to get started right now:

Request a Customized Quote

Whatever the budget, objective or market, Travel Vacation Vouchers can design an exciting and effective promotion for you!

Right now, for a limited time you can receive a customized quote complete with case studies of other businesses who have successfully used our travel certificates to grow their business and we will include complimentary $1000 Restaurant Saving Certificates just for taking a closer look. Please spend some time reviewing our products and then give us a call for more specific information and pricing.

Call 888-617-4595 or email us today for special discounts, perks and more information.

You’ll retain your customers, reduce your employee turnover, and improve your bottom line. Get started today.

You will see your employees more motivated, customer retention and lead generation increase once you implement your incentive program. We train you on how to implement an incentive program and our products come with a 30 day guarantee.  Get started now.

Here’s how it works. Every Customer Retention Program package you distribute is guaranteed..

  • Simple to redeem. (One quick call will set everything in motion.)
  • No hidden reservation fees that put the unexpected bit on your happy
  • We use only major carriers like United, Delta, American, USAir, Continental and AirCanada. (No fly-by-night airlines you’ve never heard of)
  • 100% fulfillment available (No unpleasant surprises whatsoever.)We provide full customer service and support. (You don’t have to do a thing! Just sit back and watch your cash flow pile up.)
  • Customers speak directly to a travel agent. (You don’t have to deal with any of this. That way you can concentrate on growing your business.)
  • Flexible travel (Your guests have a full 12 months to complete their travel.) We use only major carriers like United, American, Delta, USAir, Continental and Air Canada. (No fly-by-night airlines you’ve never heard of!)
  • Customer Retention Program is a brochure that comes complete with an electronic number. This electronic number is encoded and loaded with 2 round trip airfare.
  • Fully transferable. Your guests can keep the package or give it to whomever they like!
  • Our Reward Recognition Program may be used with the Customer Retention Program.
  • Travelers are given access to their choice of luxury 4 and 5 star hotels and Gold Crown resort condominiums with easy booking capability via telephone, fax or online. (We’re talking pure luxury here.) Get your hands on these incredible incentive packages right now! Over 3300 destinations available including Continental USA, Canada, Mexico, The Caribbean and Hawaii. Plus, new destinations in Europe and Australia.(Take a peek at the huge list of offerings for hotels. You’ll be dazzled at the quality. In fact these tri fold brochures are considered the “Rolls Royce” of the industry because the hotels include Four and Five Star Resorts as well as beautiful beach condos.
  • Customer retention travel brochures have a $99.00 refundable activation deposit, 60-day activation period.