Easy Savings Club


American Red Cross
Office of the Station Manager
Osan Air Base, Korea
APO AP 96278

EasySavingsClub.com (parent company Travel Vacation Vouchers)
235 Forest Street, PO Box 596
Wausau, WI 54402Dear EasySavingsClub.com:The American Red Cross appreciates your support and kind donation of coupons. Our volunteers were able to distribute all of the coupons in just one weekend at the commissary here at Osan Air Base. The service men and women were greatly appreciative. Word has spread tremendously about your kind donation and many other Red Cross offices here in the Far East are inquiring about helping their troops with coupons. If you are able to continue the donation of your expired coupons we will certainly put them to good use here at this location and around the Far East. We depend on the generosity of donations to fulfill our organization’s mission. And we certainly appreciate your help in helping the men and women of the U.S. Armed Forces.Thank you

Vaughn R. Maurice
Station Manager II
Osan Air Base, Korea

We save you money in 5 ways…

To make saving you money as easy as possible  our savings club program has been conveniently positioned into 5 categories. Each category contains separate and unique benefits which enable our members to save literally thousands of dollars every year! Membership entitles you to discounts on a wide range of products and services. Please read below for additional information about how each benefit will save you  money!

Restaurant Savings – Whether you’re looking for fine dining, fast food, or something in between, we have discounts available at great restaurants nationwide. From Red Lobster, Olive Garden, and Hard Rock Cafe, to Denny’s, KFC and Pizza Hut – we’ll save you money on the food you love! Find a great deal at a restaurant near you and print their coupon on your own printer! 100′s of participating restaurants to choose from.

Dining Out? Did you know you can save up to 50% on your favorite eats and treats?

Our members can get 10% to 50% off their restaurant bills at a wide variety of popular establishments nationwide! Our restaurant section encompasses everything from fast food to 3 star dining.  Since it is impossible to name all the participating restaurants nationwide, here is a small sampling of the national chains giving our members great discounts.  Save up to 50% while dining out at 1000′s of restaurants local and nationwide with our dining program. With coupons like buy one get one free, dining out is more affordable then ever.

Two additional features we have added, which are available to all our members, are printable restaurant coupons and discounts. Members are now able to browse our “Local” area, type in their zip code, and get printable coupons from participating restaurants.
You can print your own members only local restaurant coupons now and start saving money.  Find a great deal at a restaurant close to you and  print their coupon on your printer. Hundred of restaurants nationwide participate in this program with more joining daily. You can also get great member only deals from Restaurant.com, too. Some of their offers are just incredible. This should help you to save even more on something we all like to do… eat out!

Whether you are looking for fine dining or fast food or something in between, we have discounts available at the restaurants you prefer: From Red Lobster, Olive Garden and Hard Rock Café, to Denny’s, KFC and Pizza Hut to Taco Bell, McDonalds, Quizno’s and many more.

Travel & Hotels– Save up to 50% with our Super Travel Rewards Program! You can save money with big discounts from names like Southwest, Delta, United and American Airlines, as well as Hertz, National and Avis car rentals. Earn points from hotels like Super 8, Best Western and more. If you have to spend money for business travel or just want to see your vacation dollars go further, our savings club will provide you the lowest airfare and hotel prices – Guaranteed!

Save up to 30% with our super rewards travel program!

Cheap flights, hotels and cars! Save up to 30% with our Super Rewards Travel Program.  These days, it’s been easier than ever to find a great travel deal.

Wanting to get away from it all or do it all?  Have to travel on business?  Don’t want to spend a lot to do a lot?  Get the lowest airfare and hotel prices guaranteed.  Save up to 30% on your travel with big members only discounts from Southwest, Delta, United and American Airlines, as well as Hertz, National and Avis car rentals.  Our rewards program lets you earn points at Super 8, Best Western and more.

We can save you money two more ways. Printable travel discounts and coupons. Print your favorite brand of travel coupons now. Find more great member only deals from your favorite travel destinations and print their deals on your printer.

Some of the travel savings include:

  • Save up to $80 per reservation to Las Vegas
  • Hertz rentals 7,700 locations in 145 countries
  • Super 8 invites you to be a winner tonight.
  • Save up to 75% on Orbitz travel offers
  • National car rental $20 off car rental coupon

Shopping – Once you become a member, you can earn up to 30% in Cash Back Rebates on a monthly basis! Shop online at over 1,500 National Retail Stores such as Wal-Mart, Target, Marshalls, American Eagle, Kohls and many, many more! In addition, save locally when you shop at retailers in your area by printing coupons right from you own printer! Save money when you shop at Dicks Sporting Goods, Blockbuster, Gamestop, GNC, Midas, Target and Zales.

Shopping: Save up to 30% cash back from your favorite stores. Save on name brand items at over 1500 stores nationwide. Loyal Shoppers Equal Monthly Cash Back Rebates.

National chain retailers realize the value of loyal shoppers and now rewarding them with 30% cash back rebates on a monthly basis. Once you are signed up,simply shop at over 1500 cash back stores to start receiving cash back every month.  Some stores include:  Wal-mart, Target,  Marshall’s,1800flowers.com,  American Eagle, Kohl’s, Overstock.com, Macy’s and JcPenney’s too name just a few.

PRINT YOUR FAVORITE LOCAL MERCHANT COUPONS NOW OR SHOP ONLINE! Find great deals at your local mall stores and print their coupons on your own printer!  1000’s of merchants nationwide participate in this program with more joining daily.

Attractions and Theme Parks – In addition to saving money on Dining, Travel and Shopping, you can save money on the price of local attractions while you’re on vacation too! In addition to savings money on hotel costs, transportation, and food, you’ll want to explore various ways you can save money on the price of local attractions while you are on vacation.  Save up to 50% at places people love to go such as Disneyland, Disney World, Six Flags and Universal Studios.

Top Tourist Destinations: Is there an attraction you want to take the family to but just don’t want to spend that much money?

With discounts of up to 50% on attractions and theme parks, your dream trip is now affordable.

Save up to 50% on Area Attractions. Travel with your family and save on theme parks, movies, etc.

Grocery Savings up to 50% and Grocery Coupons – Is your grocery money not going as far as it used to?  Come join one of the world’s largest online coupon clipping and delivery services. America’s finest super market savings system where consumers can literally cut their grocery bill by 20% to 50%.

As a valued savings club member, your account comes preloaded with $1000 grocery savings bank, as you save on your groceries you $1000 coupon bank shows exactly how much money you save and depletes over time.

You’ll save the time, effort and expense of clipping coupons from newspapers and circulars. No more being limited to online printable coupons only.

“Dear coupon people I have saved so much money using your program. I love it. You have the best coupons ever. Thank you” Mrs. EZ Wiss, Sun City AZ
“Thank you for the opportunity to participate in this program. The coupons really come in handy on grocery day. Our local Weis market has triple off coupons usually once a month and that really helps out. Sometimes the items are on sale and with the coupons and sale price, I can sometimes get items for free. P.S. The way prices of things are now a days, a person needs all the help he or she can get”
Kathy Barton, Breezewood PA

In addition to our online print-on-the-fly coupon service, you can also use our coupon clipping service and receive the exact coupons you want by mail.

Shop and save with coupons at over 127,000  supermarkets.  Save on your favorite name brand items with coupons from today’s leading manufacturers. Coupons for the quality products that you’ve grown to trust to keep your family healthy and happy at tremendous savings anytime – without spending your valuable time clipping coupons from the newspaper – and save even more with double coupon days at stores such as: Kroger, Schnucks, Walgreens, Dierbergs, Publix and more.

Once you become a member you also have 12 month access to secure database that is loaded with savings. Savings on travel, dining, groceries, theme park admissions and so much more. Find coupons for the products you know and use every day!  Our coupon database is filled with tons of great coupons that are updated 5 days a week.  Become a member now and start searching for your coupons.  Let us do the clipping…you do the savings!

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