Employee Motivation Program

Want To Keep Your Employees Happy, Healthy, And Highly-Motivated?

Dear Savvy Employer:

Has employee loyalty, motivation and retention plummeted to a new low?

Some new employees have developed the “What’s-in-it-for-me” philosophy work ethic, they are an intelligent, very savvy, highly-mobile group, but also very difficult to motivate. Compounding this “motivational” problem is the fact that they are very knowledgeable and have become “accustomed” to the “perks” of the modern “worker” ie: moderately-high to very high salaries, tips, performance bonuses, mid-year bonuses, Christmas bonuses, Vacation Leaves, Sick Leaves, etc..

Don’t you yearn for the “good old” times, when people were motivated to work hard because it was the only way to put food on the table?

Is getting employees to do the jobs assigned becoming an difficult?

We have the answer.

There exist an unique, non-monetary way of motivating not only your long-time“jaded” employees, but also your new, “hungry” employees thru a non monetary approach.

Use vacation incentive programs as a tool for your next motivational and/or reward programs.Some of the benefits of our non-monetary approach include:

Employee Motivation Program1.] Your employees coming back from their vacations feeling “refreshed” and ready for the continuous daily grind of work; most of them are even “raring” for more “work” or more “responsibilities” with a renewed sense of appreciation for you, your company, and their job.

2.] Your employees’ attitudes toward work will change for the better, as they become more and more “responsive” towards management and “empathetic” towards customers, slowly losing the “me first” attitude that some of them “carried” for so long.

How You Can “Integrate” Our “Employee Motivation Programs” ‘Into’ Your Business

Motivation programs are one of best-kept secrets in business today. As fixed costs of running a business balloon, savvy business owners are realizing employee motivation programs and customer loyalty/retention programs are value-added game-changing business incentives.

You can use our travel based incentive programs to reward and/or motivate employees, boost their productivity, or reward/retain top performers. Or just “reward” these to employees and watch their productivity shoot up as they “jostle for position” on the next vacation contest.  Heck, you can even use them for attracting employees to your business.

You see, no matter what your business is, we’ve come up with “perfect” solutions for your best employees as well as customers/clients. So when push comes to shove and you need to “extract” the highest performances from your employees or you need to step up the pace for even more impressive results, you would want the irresistible motivational appeal of our employee motivation programs.

So what are you waiting for?

Grab one of these options today and you’ll soon enjoy the benefits of maintaining a happy, healthy, highly-motivated workforce that you can truly be proud of.  Please choose an option below… and we’ll be waiting for you, ready to help get you started:

Option One:  A multi-use 3 day 2 night vacation incentive for 2 adults at 4 and 5 star hotels.
Including Clarion, Comfort Inn, Crowne Plaza, Fairmont, Hampton Inn, Harrahs, Hilton, Holiday Inn, Howard Johnson, Quality Inn and Suites, Ramada, Red Carpet, Sheraton, Wyndham.Additional fees for children and holiday times may apply.End user can book 20 additional vacations and pay activation fee and room tax and enjoy many many trips. 1st activation fee is waived.

Well, this option comes as a full color booklet that is 8 1/2 by 5 1/2 in actual size, it is about half the size of a letter-sized (i.e., 8 ½ by 11 inches) piece of paper.

Each booklet is a full-color, 16-page brochure, printed on heavy, 110-pound text gloss paper. Customizations for you (such as your company name, logo and other pertinent information) can be made on half a page of the booklet at no extra cost.

 Get the multi-use 3 day 2 night vacation incentive packages to grow your customer base, retain your employees and generate more leads faster than ever before.  Send your customers and employees on up to 20 different 3 day 2 night vacation getaways.  Now available for only $19.99 each.

Option Two.  Get your single user 3 day vacation incentives.

Good for lead generation and low cost item, sales boosters, call centers and to retain customers short term.  A quick fix alternative that is budget priced.

Same 20 city available as above with 3 and 4 star hotels such as Clarion, Comfort Inn, Crowne Plaza, Fairmont, Hampton Inn, Harrahs, Hilton, Holiday Inn, Howard Johnson, Quality Inn and Suites, Ramada, Red Carpet and Sheraton.Weekday checkin.

Printed on heavy card stock and not customizable with any company information. Approximate size is 8 1/2 x 3 1/2 or one sheet of paper folded in thirds.

Great tool for employee motivation, engagement and retentionBudget based. Your cost is only $9.99 each and end user pays room tax and activation fees.

Any questions?

Here’s how to get started right now:

Request a Customized Quote

Whatever the budget, objective or market, Travel Vacation Vouchers can design an exciting and effective promotion for you!

Right now, for a limited time you can receive a customized quote complete with case studies of other businesses in your industry who have successfully used our travel certificates and merchandise Sales Incentives to grow their business and we will include a complimentary $1000 Restaurant Savings Certificates just for taking a closer look. Please spend some time reviewing our products and then give us a call for more specific information and pricing.

You’ll retain your customers, reduce your employee turnover, and improve your bottom line. Get started today.

You will see your employees more motivated, customer retention and lead generation increase once you implement your incentive program. We train you on how to implement an incentive program and our products come with a 30 day guarantee.  Get started now.

Question check out our Employee Motivation Program FAQ’s.

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