Employee Motivation Program FAQ

The fact that you’re viewing this FAQs page speaks volumes about your interest in our Employee Motivation Program. Perhaps by going over our FAQs, you’ll find the answer(s) to some (or all) of the questions you have in mind right now.

What does the Employee Motivation Program option one look like?

Comes in the form of a Program Booklet, which resembles the one shown on the right, except that at 8 ½ inches by 5 ½ inches in actual size, it is about half the size of a letter-sized (i.e., 8 ½ by 11 inches) piece of paper.

Each booklet is a full-color, 16-page brochure, printed on heavy, 110-pound text gloss paper. Customizations for you (such as your company name, logo and other pertinent information) can be made on half a page of the booklet at no extra cost. You may download an actual PDF copy of our Employee Motivation Program booklet here.

What are the terms that I should be familiar with when choosing the Employee Motivation Program?

Issue Date:This refers to the date you stamp on your employee motivation program booklets. It is entirely up to you to decide which date this should be.

Date of Receipt:  The date your customers receive their vacation certificate.  Also called the Issue Date.

Activation Date: The date (which must be no later than 60 days after the Issue Date or receipt date) by which time your recipient/“End User” (i.e., the person who will be the one enjoying the vacation) MUST have mailed back their activation forms in order to ‘activate’ their vacation.

Expiration Date: The date (which is set at 12 months from the Issue Date and/or Date of Receipt) by which time the activation form ‘expires’. Both option one and option two of employee motivation program must be completed within 12 months from the date of Issue and date of receipt.

So you mean to say the ‘Guest’ or ‘End User’ has 12 months to ‘complete’ their travel?

Yes, that’s correct. “Guests” or “End Users” (i.e., the persons who will be the ones actually enjoying the vacation) have 12 months (from the time of the Date of Issue and/or Date of Receipt stamped on their incentive package) to complete their travel. We require a travel planning delay of 60 days.

We ask our “Guests” or “End Users” to ‘give’ us a 60-day ‘notice’ so we can ‘arrange’ their travel. This gives us a chance to see in advance how ‘full’ the hotels will be by the time of the actual travel (which will be referred to in some questions below as the “Arrival Date” or “Check-in Date”). So if you really ‘must be there’ at a particular vacation spot on a certain date, then tell us at least 60 days in advance of that date.

Who can use these incentives?  Can I ‘give’ this to some other people, say clients/customers?

Yes, you can ‘give’ option one of this program to clients/customers.  It is a “multi-use” package/program, meaning they can ‘use’ it several times subject to some fees like the Activation Fee.

How many people can make use of a single motivation program? 

It’s good for two (2) adults over the age of 21. If the “End User” is traveling with additional adults/children, an ‘additional’ fee of $25 per night per additional child/adult (regardless of age) must be paid at the time the “End User” submits his/her Arrival Date.

What are the vacation ‘destination’ cities we can possibly choose?

Currently, the following cities comprise the vacation ‘destinations’ you can choose from: Anaheim (CA), Atlantic City (NJ), Branson (MO), Cancun (MX), Charleston (SC), Daytona Beach (FL), Gatlinburg (TN), Hilton Head (SC), Honolulu (HI), Lake Tahoe (NV), Las Vegas (NV), Mazatlan (MX), Myrtle Beach (SC), New Orleans (LA), Niagara Falls (NY), Orlando (FL), Palm Springs (CA), Pocono Mountain (PA), Puerto Vallarta (MX), Reno (NV), San Antonio (TX), and Williamsburg (VA).

We are still considering other cities for inclusion, but take note that the contents of this list may vary (we reserve the right to modify the contents of this list anytime) from time to time, depending on hotel ‘booking’ conditions and other factors. The end user selects the city we select the hotels listed below.

What is the name of the hotel where I will be staying?

There are several participating hotels involved in this promotion. In Las Vegas, for example, the number one destination, all accommodations are booked at one of several major hotel casinos.

In other cities, hotels such as Clarion, Comfort Inn, Crowne Plaza, Fairmont, Hampton Inn, Harrahs, Hilton, Holiday Inn, Howard Johnson, Quality Inn and Suites, Ramada, Red Carpet, Sheraton, Wyndham, and many others are also participating in this ‘promotion’. The booking agent you will be assigned to will book your room at one of the participating hotels. The idea is, you choose the destination, we pick the hotel.

These ‘participating’ hotels are obliged to maintain high hospitality standards, so it is always in their best interests to keep you satisfied, so that you will later return as a paying customer if you are satisfied with their service. The possibility of you returning is what’s at stake for them, and they will move heaven and earth to ensure that you will have an enjoyable stay in their place.

Are there any additional costs that the traveler will incur?

This program covers the hotel accommodations only and does not include airfare, transportation, meals and all other miscellaneous expenses.

Upon check-in, hotels will require an imprint of a major credit card to cover such costs. ‘Guests’ or ‘end users’ are required to pay Room Tax (this is a government regulation for all travel incentive packages out there), but in this ‘promotion’, the recipient needs to pay a Room Tax of just $23.95.

If traveling with additional adults and/or children, an additional fee of 25 per night per additional child or adult (regardless of age) and must be paid at the time the “End User” submits his/her desired vacation date (or Arrival Date). Any and all changes and cancellations are subject to a $25 fee.

What’s the ‘catch’ ?

No catch. Just good, old-fashioned value and honesty with no catches. We provide value and a fair price. You see, we are travel ‘wholesalers’.  We buy the unused ‘inventory’ from various hotels and resorts.

As you know, hotels and resorts never operate at full capacity; most of them have vacant rooms and ‘unbooked’ vacation properties. We buy unbooked vacation inventories and pass the savings directly onto you. Hotels and resorts ‘win’ by filling unused inventory, you ‘win’ by using employee motivation programs to retain and motivate employees (or attract ‘new’ ones), generate leads and employees ‘win’ by receiving a vacation incentive.

So everybody wins! However, we only allow a very limited number of hotels and resorts into our program, so that this exclusivity gives us the power to negotiate the best deals for you. We  ‘squeeze’ the best rates out of each hotel or resort like our lives depended on it, because if you’re not happy, then we might as well throw in the towel. Our reputation and financial future rests on providing you a quality product. We simply cannot compromise on this.

We believe that if you like our products, you will recommend them to friends and family. Word-of-mouth advertising works great. We have been in business since 1998 and we’re here for the long haul, and we’re here for you.

Are there anything more that I should know about this promotion?

  • Each ‘program’ cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotional program without the expressed written consent and authorization.
  • The Employee Motivation ‘programs’ are for promotional use only and are non-transferable after activation, cannot be sold to the “End User” without expressed written consent, and cannot be ‘redeemed’ for cash. Our Employee Motivation ‘programs’ are fully transferable. “Guests” or “End Users” can keep the program or give it to whomever they like prior to activation.
  • Dates near holidays and during conventions are usually not available on this special offer. Blackout Dates are 7 days before and 7 days after a holiday.
  • Rooms of participating hotels have a maximum capacity of up to 4 people only.
  • Our Employee Motivation ‘programs’ are not valid for group travel or conventions.
  • Check in’ days are Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday.
  • All customized products (option one) are non-refundable.

How does a Customer or ‘Guest’ (or ‘End User’) redeem his/her ‘vacation’ ?

  • He/she fills out his/her Activation Form (a copy of which will be enclosed in the Employee Program booklet and submits his/her Activation Fee. After which, he/she will receive a Reservation Request Form.
  • He/she then fills out the Reservation Request Form and mails it back 60 days PRIOR to his/her chosen vacation Arrival Date or Vacation Date (a condition required by our participating hotels).
  • The Reservation Request Form arrives at our office within the 60 days PRIOR to his/her chosen vacation Arrival Date or Vacation Date.
  • However, if Arrival/Check-in dates are unknown, the “Guest” or “End User” may simply submit his/her Activation Fee and follow ‘registration’ procedures, then contact our office at least 60 days prior to his/her vacation departure date.
  • Refunds will not be issued if pertinent dates are not submitted on a timely manner.
  • Once the “Guest” or “End User” has been confirmed for selected dates, refunds can no longer be issued.

As a ‘Customer’, ‘Guest’, or ‘End user’, is there anything more that I should know about this ‘promotion’?

  • End users are not allowed to stay in the same ‘destination’ city for 12 months.
  • Two Employee Motivation ‘programs’ may not be used in the same ‘destination’ city by the same family. If you are using more than one Employee Motivation ‘program’ for different cities, ‘Arrival’ Dates must be at least 30 days apart.
  • The “End User” can use all 20+ destinations. In the first ‘destination’, no Activation Fee is required.  In succeeding destinations, a simple $12 Activation Fee is needed.
  • Take note that Myrtle Beach and the Daytona Beach areas are not available from June 1 through August 31st.
  • We reserve the right to book in ‘surrounding areas’ during times of limited space availability, and destination cities may change.
  • Employee Motivation programs expire 1 year from the Date of Issue stamped on the program booklet, and travel must be completed within 12 months of the Date of Issue.
  • We reserve the right to modify or cancel this promotional offer at any time.
  • We assume no liability for any verbal claims made by others in conjunction with the distribution of this ‘product’.

We cannot be held responsible for lost/late/misdirected mail. Returned checks are subject to a $25 fee.  If you don’t have any more questions, then what are you waiting for?

Employee Motivation Program