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The world is at your fingertips, Now you can reward your top sales people with an exotic vacation getaway. Sales people work for cash usually commission based and they need a strong motivation tool to meet sales goals.  Since sales people work for cash they are not motivated by more cash. They need a compelling reason to make that extra sales presentation or strive harder to become  a top producer.

The Best Appointment Setting Premium” “Many thanks for the best appointment setting premium we have ever tried. We used to spend thousands monthly for kitchen knives as our premium to get our reps in the homes. We now spend less than $100 a month and set 3 times as many leads. Our sales reps thank you also.”- Robert Alderio – Kirby of West Valley

We have the ideal sales incentive program.  Reward them with an Exotic Vacation Getaway.  They can discover the hemisphere they live in, in-person and intermingle with unique cultures first-hand.  Learn about history where history is made… Stay in a luxury 4 star hotel!

We provide you with the best thing to hit travel, since, well… Traveling! With the Exotic Vacation Getaway you will receive a vacation offer that provides accommodations for two nights in over 200 worldwide destinations.

Accommodations are provided at hotel chains such as Hyatt, Hyatt Place, Marriott, Courtyard by Marriott,   Wyndham Hotels and Resorts and other fine hotels.  Your vacation certificate provides a list of destinations.  The certificate entitles you to 4 star hotels and resorts.

Your Exotic Vacation Getaway Includes:


Your sales people will be envious and sales can increase when the winner receives an Exotic Vacation Getaway entitling them and a companion to 4 star hotels and resorts.

Perhaps You’re Wondering How Do We Do It…You might be wondering why these are so cheap, remember:

  • Reason #1 – We only allow a very limited number of hotels and resorts into the program. That exclusivity gives us the power to negotiate the best deal for you. We squeeze the best rates out of each resort like our lives depended on it…
  • Reason #2 -These sales incentive program and vacation incentives come straight through the pipeline from us the wholesaler to you, so you bypass the horrendous retail mark-up completely.
  • Reason #3We’ve been online since 1998 and have developed a very strong relationship with our hotels and resorts. We get an incredible wholesale rate on these packages and can pass these savings onto you.

Start motivating your sales staff today.  Each Exotic Vacation Getaway is only $49.95.

Here’s how to get started right now:

Request a Customized Quote

Whatever the budget, objective or market, Travel Vacation Vouchers can design an exciting and effective promotion for you!

Right now, for a limited time you can receive a customized quote complete with case studies of other businesses who have successfully used our travel certificates to grow their business and we will include complimentary $1000 Restaurant Saving Certificates just for taking a closer look. Please spend some time reviewing our products and then give us a call for more specific information and pricing.

Call 888-617-4595 or email us today for special discounts, perks and more information.

You’ll retain your customers, reduce your employee turnover, and improve your bottom line. Get started today.

You will see your employees more motivated, customer retention and lead generation increase once you implement your incentive program. We train you on how to implement an incentive program and our products come with a 30 day guarantee.  Get started now.

Plus…as always,  all our incentive programs arrive with our Seven Point Money Back Guarantee

  1. We guarantee no gimmicks.  Your people will receive a fabulous vacation incentive program,  gift card, cruise incentive or savings certificates with no surprises, no problems.
  2. The company was founded on a “no timeshare presentation policy” back in 1998. We will never push for you to attend a timeshare presentation!  Don’t you hate those high pressure, never ending, torture fests?   We do too and won’t accept any vacations that include anything that will disrupt  your guest’s fun.
  3. We guarantee no hard-sell tactics… no hidden agendas… no sales pitches ever.
  4. We guarantee top quality accommodations in some of the most coveted hotels and resorts in the world. Comfort and reliability all the way, guaranteed.
  5. We guarantee no hidden charges. Simple easy to follow terms and conditions. Just give us 60 days to arrange their trip and that’s it.
  6. We guarantee no empty promises…no weasel’ll receive a written guarantee for each and every travel incentive package you purchase.
  7. 100% No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee!3.0

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