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“Secrets To Attracting Customers, Retaining Them, And Profitably Transforming Them Into Raving Fans For Life”

Dear Savvy Business Owner:

Attracting customers can be tough enough by itself, but retaining them and even profitably transforming them into raving lifelong fans would be a gargantuan, if not an almost impossible feat?

And have you noticed too that confounding this “problem” are the rapid advances in technology and the internet with lots more of “online” competition, as if your “conventional”, store-based competition weren’t “plenty” enough?

Furthermore, have you noticed that today’s customers have also become savvier and “wiser” too, always angling for “the best deal” and that “extra bang” for their buck, continuously searching the net for the proverbial “better” deal, and so you always need to have something “extra” up your sleeve to offer them?

There is a unique, very inexpensive way of rewarding your loyal clients and employees, attracting new customers as well, generating you new “leads” and “referrals” and boosting your bottom line as well.

Here are just some of the benefits of our unique, non-monetary vacation approach:

1.] Your customers will “come back” from these travels  feeling “refreshed” and “ready for a new round” of the daily grind of work, and also “raring” for more “purchases” (and, thus, “rewards”) from you.

2.]  They will be recommending you and your company as they develop a special sense of appreciation and bond to you and your company, The type of customer loyalty cultivated through this kind of “promotion” leads to strong, rabid, almost fanatical ties!

Here’s How It ‘Works’

Did you know that hotels and resorts are rarely booked to full capacity?

Hotels sell their unused “inventory” to travel brokers like us. The hotel owners know people  who are vacationing spend money on their vacations, so they (i.e., the hotel owners) know that what they “lose” in selling their unused inventory to us, they will make up for in their gift/souvenir shops and restaurants.

We buy the unused inventory from various 3, 4 and 5 star hotel, resort, and vacation properties at hugely-discounted rates and, in the process, “pass” the savings directly onto you in the form of a Vacation Incentive Package.

We “squeeze” the best rates out of each hotel and resort like our lives depended on it so that everyone wins: hotels and resorts win by “filling” their unused inventory, you win by using vacation incentives to attract/retain customers and generate leads and referrals (as well as motivate employees), and the end user wins by receiving and enjoying a vacation incentive package! We win by making sales and repeat business.

Just think about this for a minute: perhaps your business is “purring” along nicely, consistently making money but not lots of it. You are thinking of “gaining” a competitive edge by giving that extra “shot in the arm” to your business, but how?

Well, you know what effect a big “carrot” such as a vacation incentive can have on the morale of your clients/customers (as well as employees), right?

Just picture them:

  • All “cowboy-ed up” in Nashville, Tennessee, tappin’ their toes at the Grand Ole Opry, taking in the Country Music Hall of Fame, shrieking through one of the largest roller coasters in Tennessee, enjoying an afternoon of golf and thrilling their kids at Tennessee’s largest water slide. All because of you; or
  • Dancing the night away to the music of steel drums at Puerto Vallarta, MX (or Mazatlan, MX). They’ll throw out a line for some of the most stupendous fishing of their lives. And they’ll silently bless you for this once in a lifetime experience; or
  • Sipping hot chocolate after an afternoon of cross-country skiing and snowball fights in the snowy Lake Tahoe for winter fun with their family, and you made this dream vacation a reality.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be able to “afford” these treats for your loyal clients/customers (as well employees)?

A romantic, three-day vacation getaway in sunny Florida or an exciting three-day extravaganza in Las Vegas. With over 21 fantastic vacation destinations in North America alone and covering a diverse set of choices as Palm Springs, California, Branson, Missouri, or Puerto Vallarta, Mexico (see complete list of destinations here), perhaps the toughest decision your clients/customers (and employees) will face is which among the 21 fantastic vacation destinations will they choose?

How Much Will It Cost?

Vacation Incentive certificate.And all this for how much?

Guess how much this will cost you?

A paltry $ 9.99 per Vacation Incentive Package!

Can you believe that?

Ten bucks! You heard it right: For Ten Crisp, Green Dollars (Something You’ve Probably Got In Your Wallet At This Very Minute), You Can Give Away A First-Class Vacation And Build Your Business Too!

Here’s what ten dollars can do for your business:

  • Forge iron-strong bonds with new clients with a surprise free trip to Cancun, Mexico…just for calling in an order. You’ll be amazed how fast you can convert an “Average Joe” customer into a rabid follower for life. You’ll look like a hero, and fatten your wallet with a whopping return on your investment at the same time. And the best part is, You Can Do It For Just $9.99!
  • Pop sales off the chart when you entice your top sales person with a first-rate Hawaiian vacation. (Yep. You can use our vacation incentive package to motivate your employees too; wait ‘til you see their “greed glands” kick into high gear!)
  • Transform yet another “ho-humbug” holiday get together into a fiesta of energy when you shock every single one of your employees with a free vacation bonus. (Hmmm… Sunny Puerto Vallarta… Exotic white sand beaches…). When you “plug” these awesome travel deals into your incentive program, you’re merging your marketing strategy with smart businesses that have some pretty deep pockets. You’ll Easily Out-Think, Out-Maneuver, And Out-Smart Your Competition…And They Won’t Have A Clue How You Did It!

The magical lure of a first-class vacation can easily supercharge any marketing campaign. We’ve seen nearly every business under the sun ratchet up profits by “plugging in” these inexpensive vacation incentive packages to literally and figuratively “close the deal”.

Here’s what we mean:

Vacation Incentives To Reward and Retain

Word-of-mouth advertising spreads like wildfire. Once a customer lets it slip that they received a free 3-day vacation to Vegas just for calling in their regular order to your business… Think you’ll create any good will?   Faster than can you say “viral marketing”!

Skyrocketing costs for ad space (and most of it ineffective) takes a huge bite of your profits. You cannot anymore afford to “throw” good money after bad, lackluster newspaper and radio ads! Instead pay our “wine-in-a-box” prices for Dom Perignon results.

clip_image003Now more than ever, in these days of catastrophic employee turn over, you need a fully-loaded employee incentive program that makes your best employees stick like glue. Now you can easily afford to reward them with an out-of-this-world dream getaway to Cancun or Orlando. There’s no better way to build employee morale.

Incentive programs to generate sales.

You can even use our travel incentives to raise money for your favorite charity! Watch the mind-boggling bids pile up at your next fund raiser for the lavish trip to the Mexican Riviera… And the trip actually set you back a mere $10 (or less)!

You Can Literally Give Away The World,  While You Rake In The Money…With Absolutely No Risk To You!

For less than ten dollars, a small handful of change, your best clients/customers (as well as your employees) will receive an extravagant first-class vacation.

Right about now, you’re probably thinking, “There’s got to be a catch.” No catches. Just a few simple, easy-to-live-with guidelines.

Finally, reward your valued clients/customers (as well as your employees) in the way they deserve. “Top dog” companies buy tons of these trips too, so you’ll be able to “sneak in under their radar”; you’re probably purchasing these top-notch, first-class vacations at the same exact price that they do.

But that’s not all… Think your clients/customers are going to recommend you to their friends and family after you gave them a vacation?

Some of them will, but some of them will just make their selection from over 21 destination cities, and then they’ll be on their way. In the meantime, you’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain by implementing your very own “corporate” travel incentive program as a powerful marketing strategy for your business. That’s because vacation incentives are hands-down the most powerful tool to energize your employees and create a virtual stampede of clients to your door. So, even if some of your clients/customers don’t “come through” your employees just might…

Quite convinced already?

What are you waiting for, then?

Just follow the five simple steps outlined below, and you’ll be on your way towards reaping the rewards of a happy, healthy, and fruitful/rewarding relationship with your customers:

Here’s how to get started right now:

Request a Customized Quote

Whatever the budget, objective or market, Travel Vacation Vouchers can design an exciting and effective promotion for you!

Right now, for a limited time you can receive a customized quote complete with case studies of other businesses who have successfully used our travel certificates to grow their business and we will include complimentary $1000 Restaurant Saving Certificates just for taking a closer look. Please spend some time reviewing our products and then give us a call for more specific information and pricing.

You’ll retain your customers, reduce your employee turnover, and improve your bottom line. Get started today.

You will see your employees more motivated, customer retention and lead generation increase once you implement your incentive program. We train you on how to implement an incentive program and our products come with a 30 day guarantee.  Get started now.

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